Neport Composite team pic

Youth athletes, including members of the Newport Composite team, compete last weekend at the Hood Do Good mountain bike race at Mount Hood Skibowl. (Courtesy photo)

GOVERNMENT CAMP — Eighth-grader Annika Wilson was the top performer for the Newport Composite team Sept. 25-26 at the Hood Doo Good mountain bike race at Mount Hood Skibowl, sanctioned by the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League.

Wilson, the series points leader in her classification, won the North Division eighth-grade race girls race at Mount Hood with a time of 38 minutes, 1.04 seconds. She was the lone member of the Newport Composite team to earn a top-three finish last weekend.

Sixth-grade girls points leader Olivia Richardson gave Newport Composite a fourth-place finish in the sixth-grade girls race, and Allison Pettett was fifth in the freshman girls race for Newport Composite.

Hood Do Good race

Sept. 25-26 at Mount Hood Skibowl

North Conference results

Sixth-grade girls — 1, Cassidy Smart, Philomath Middle School, 46:59.71; 2, Hazel Gallagher, Portland Metro Composite, 52:37.26; 3, Maya Feldman-Wang, Portland Metro Composite, 53:31.33.

Sixth-grade boys — 1, Benjamin Leone, Corbett School, 42:32.93; 2, Walker Carroll, Linus Pauling Middle School, 43:36.10; 3, Torrington Jensen, Linus Pauling Middle School, 44:21.05.

Seventh-grade girls — 1, Ariana Schreiner, Corbett School, 44:43.73 2, Scout Harrington, Lake Oswego Composite, 46:45.00; 3, Ya El Siegel, Portland Metro Composite, 48:32.89.

Seventh-grade boys —1, Max Sturges, Salem Composite, 38:07.84; 2, James Umberhandt, Portland Metro Composite, 38:54.04; 3, Liam Carmichael, Lake Oswego Composite, 40:07.30.

Eighth-grade girls — 1, Annika Wilson, Newport Composite, 38:01.04; 2, Lucia Williams, Corvallis Waldorf School, 38:35.52; 3, Jessie Carroll, Linus Pauling Middle School, 41:01.22.

Eighth-grade boys — 1, Evan Halbleib, Chedalin Middle School, 33:30.75; 2, Joshua Dicks, Lake Oswego Composite, 33:41.42; 3, Kavanaugh Jensen, Linus Pauling Middle School, 34:22.40.

Freshmen girls — 1, Melody Dennis, Lake Oswego Composite, 1:05:07.30; 2, Sophia Schreiner, Corbett School, 1:13:28.55; 3, Lillian Prough, Salem Composite, 1:15:24.80.

Freshman boys — 1, Max Smith, Lake Oswego Composite, 49:23.65; 2, Zach Isaacs, Camas High School, 53:43.21; 3, Sam Birdwell, Camas Composite, 57:02.78.

Junior varsity girls — 1, Ava Betts, Corvallis, 1:17:05.52; 2, Paige Bedsaul, Lake Oswego Composite, 1:28:01.58; 3, Evelyn Vega, Crescent Valley High School, 1:35:40.51.

Junior varsity boys — 1, Aaron Bailey, Corvallis High School, 1:04:91.04; 2, Galen Ryherd, Crescent Valley High School, 1:17:36.31; 3, Tanner Hawley, Silverton High School, 1:17:57.01.

Sophomore girls — 1, Danielle Harris, Corvallis Composite, 1:08:24.80; 2, Lucy Eckstrom, 1:13:26.83; 3, Regan Harrington, Lake Oswego, 1:14:29.00.

Sophomore boys — 1, Sylas Storer, Corvallis High School, 49:52.90; 2, Bennett Gibbons, Corvallis High School, 49:52.90; 3, Emett Harris, Silverton High School, 50:22.65.

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