The News-Times compiles game results from the previous weekend for schools ranked in the weekly Oregon School Activities Associate football coaches polls, and publishes those scores in each Wednesday edition of the paper during the season.

The following is a list of how ranked teams from the 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A, 8-player, and 1A, 6-player classifications — classes featuring Lincoln County schools — fared in games played last Thursday, through Saturday, the eighth weekend of Oregon high school football competition.


No. 1 Marshfield won 57-15 at home against North Eugene.

No. 2 Cascade won 48-0 at homer against Stayton.

No. 3 Estacada won 50-6 at home against North Marion.

No. 4 Marist Catholic won 42-6 at home against Elmira.

No. 5 Mazama won 68-6 at home against Phoenix.

No. 6 Banks won 27-0 at home against Milwaukie/Milwaukie Academy.

No. 7 Tillamook won 28-3 at No. 10 Seaside.

No. 8 La Grande won 34-24 at home against Ontario.

No. 9 Henley won 41-12 at home against Klamath Union.

No. 10 Seaside lost 28-3 at home to No. 7 Tillamook.


No. 1 Rainier won 1-0 by forfeit at home against Clatskanie.

No. 2 Siuslaw won 21-14 at No. 10 Santiam Christian.

No. 3 South Umpqua won 28-26 at No. 4 Cascade Christian.

No. 4 Cascade Christian lost 28-26 at home to No. 3 South Umpqua.

No. 5 Junction City lost 40-8 at No. 7 La Pine.

No. 6 Vale won 20-14 at Nyssa/Harper Charter.

No. 7 La Pine won 40-8 at home against No. 5 Junction City.

No. 8 Warrenton won 32-0 at Blanchet Catholic.

No. 9 Dayton won 9-7 at Philomath.

No. 10 Santiam Christian lost 21-14 at home to No. 2 Siuslaw.


No. 1 Heppner won 47-6 at home against Irrigon.

No. 2 Kennedy won 47-0 at home against Culver.

No. 3 Lakeview won 32-0 at Glide.

No. 4 Coquille won 40-48 at No. 5 Bandon.

No. 5 Bandon lost 40-48 at home to No. 4 Coquille.

No. 6 Toledo won 42-18 at home against Lowell.

No. 7 Oakland won 34-0 at Monroe.

No. 8 Gaston won 44-0 at home against Sheridan.

No. 9 Weston-McEwen won 31-0 at home against McLoughlin.

No. 10 Knappa won 65-0 at Vernonia.

1A, 8-player

No. 1 Adrian won 76-8 at Union.

No. 2 Powder Valley won 36-20 at home against No. 6 Crane.

No. 3 St. Paul won 58-22 at home against Perrydale.

No. 4 Waldport won 62-28 at home against Mohawk.

No. 5 Lost River won 60-8 at home against Glendale.

No. 6 Crane lost 36-20 at No. 2 Powder Valley.

No. 7 Myrtle Point won 54-6 at Falls City/Kings Valley Charter.

No. 8 Dufur won 32-14 at home against No. 10 Imbler.

No. 9 Gold Beach won 34-8 at home against Camas Valley.                                                                           

No. 10 Imbler lost 32-14 at No. 8 Dufur.

1A, 6-player

No. 1 Mitchell/Spray/Wheeler did not play.

No. 2 Powers did not play.

No. 3 Eddyville Charter won 54-0 at home against Prospect Charter/Butte Falls.

No. 4 Prairie City/Burnt River won 66-12 at home against No. 5 Joseph.

No. 5 Joseph lost 66-12 at No. 4 Prairie City/Burnt River.

No. 6 North Douglas lost 58-7 at No. 8 Triangle Lake.

No. 7 Alsea won 51-12 at home against Riddle.

No. 8 Triangle Lake won 58-7 at home against No. 6 North Douglas.

No. 9 Echo did not play.

No. 10 Elkton lost 27-19 at home to Jewell.

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