Man arrested after blood spread on windows

Arthur Moren, 37, of Rufus, was arrested Thursday after police say he was walking around a business in South Beach spreading bodily fluids onto various surfaces.

At around 7:36 p.m. Thursday, Newport Police Department officers were called by an employee at a South Beach business who reported Moren was walking around their store smearing blood onto the windows.

Officers arrived and watched security footage they say showed Moren walking around rubbing his hands on windows and intentionally blowing his nose onto an ATM. Employees at a separate business reported Moren was involved in a fight at a nearby grocery store around two hours earlier.

Moren was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct and third-degree criminal mischief. He signed a conditional release agreement Monday and was released on the condition he not contact property owners or use alcohol or controlled substances. An early resolution conference for the case is scheduled for May 23.

Chainsaw pilfered from truck

Wendell Shawn Stephens, 55, of Corvallis, was arrested Wednesday after police say he stole a chainsaw out of a man’s truck.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Lincoln City Police Department officers were called around 12:35 p.m. by a man who said he was parked in the Shuckers Restaurant in Lincoln City and returned to his vehicle to find his $2,000 Husqvarna chainsaw missing.

Shuckers staff reviewed security footage that showed a man, later identified as Stephens, approach the vehicle and remove the chainsaw. Law enforcement officers reviewed the footage and noticed Stephen enter another vehicle and drive off, the affidavit states.

After searching the area, officers located Garland’s vehicle nearby and confronted him, identifying him as the man seen in the video, which they say he confirmed during an interview.

Stephens was charged with first-degree theft and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle before being taken to the Lincoln County Jail. He remains housed there on $50,000 bond.

Wanted man threatens officer

Mathew Lael Johnson, 44, of South Beach, was arrested Tuesday on a Multnomah County burglary charge. Police say after his arrest, he broke the Plexiglas window out of a patrol car and made threats against officers as he was transported to the Lincoln County Jail.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed Tuesday, Lincoln City Police Department officers were dispatched to a property near Southwest Coast Highway around 10 a.m. on a trespass complaint. There they found Johnson, who was wanted on a warrant out of Multnomah County for allegedly using tools to try to break into coin-operated laundry and vending machines and attempting to flee when he was confronted by police.

After his arrest Tuesday, officers say Johnson was belligerent and began yelling slurs at them. When placed in the back of a patrol car, he began slamming his head against the car’s Plexiglas cage until the corner broke. He then reportedly told the officer “he could not wait” to see them off duty.

An officer expected Johnson planned to fight him and requested backup. He was charged with menacing and second-degree criminal mischief and remains lodged at the Lincoln County Jail.

Woman choked during breakup

Marion Sean Burkhart, 22, was arrested Tuesday after his girlfriend told police he choked her when she attempted to leave him. He was charged with strangulation, fourth-degree assault and harassment and released on the condition he not contact the victim.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed Tuesday, Toledo Police Department officers were called to an area near Beech Street, where witnesses said they saw a man and woman in an altercation and the man was getting physical. A witness at the scene later gave a statement to that effect.

Police arrived to find Burkhart sitting in a red PT Cruiser and spoke with him. Burkhart reportedly told police he was attempting to stop his girlfriend from leaving him and said the incident did not become physical, though it could have appeared to witnesses he choked her. Officers located the woman nearby and told her to wait in a patrol vehicle before interviewing the two further, according to the affidavit.

When asked about the chokehold, the woman told officers Burkhart grabbed her by the throat at some point, but stopped when she told him to let go. Officers observed the woman was barefoot and the tip of her finger was bleeding, an injury she said she received during the altercation, but did not know exactly how.

Officers placed Burkhart under arrest, and he refused to speak with them further.

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