Your vote matters

The May 17 Primary Election is fast approaching. In fact, ballots should be arriving in mailboxes around this time next week. With everything else going on in the world right now, it’s possible that this election is not getting the attention it deserves, but the fact of the matter is, this is the first step toward electing leaders who will help chart the direction of our country, state and county for years to come.

But first things first, you need to be registered to vote, and people have until Tuesday, April 26, to complete a new registration or change their current registration. That can be done online by clicking on the link found at

Once you’re prepared to vote in the May election, the next thing is to educate yourself on the candidates, and we believe that is a very important next step. There are nine individuals running for two positions on the three-member Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. Without a doubt, this board heavily influences how, or sometimes if, the county moves forward in a positive direction.

To help educate voters, the News-Times has sent a list of questions to all of the county commission candidates, and their responses appear in section C of this edition. The News-Times will also hold a candidate forum on the afternoon/evening of Wednesday, April 27. The candidates will gather at the newspaper office, and voters will be able to watch live on Facebook. The video will also be posted online to view at a later date. See next Wednesday’s News-Times for more details about this forum.

Another way to learn about candidates is through the Voters’ Pamphlet. If you haven’t received a copy, it can be viewed online at the county clerk’s website: In addition the League of Women Voters of Lincoln County hosted a virtual forum featuring county commission candidates on Thursday, April 14, and people can still watch that forum online at

The outcome of this election will have an effect on the lives of all Lincoln County residents, in one way or another. So we urge those of you who are eligible to vote to do so. We believe it’s really more than just a right, it’s your civic duty, so let your voice be heard.

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