Recently, the News-Times reported a bus driver shortage. I’ve been across the country, and there are shortages everywhere. Here in Oregon, some businesses are only open half days, and some have actually closed their doors do to lack of help. So tell me, if they don’t want to work, just how do they pay their bills?

Well, there is COVID stimulus money, food stamps, welfare and unemployment, social security for dependents and rent relief — just to name a few. Who pays those packages I just mentioned? Well only the people that have the working ethics and are smart enough to build a savings account to purchase a home or other family needs; the rest plan on you to carry them. So as long as you pay for them to live comfortably, why would they need to go out and work?  

But if fewer people continue to work while larger numbers refuse to work, just what do you think will happen? Let’s say we build the best house that can be built, and each year we do less maintenance. How long will it be until it fails to the weather and rots away? Well, that’s what’s happening. Politicians are giving everything away to get a vote. The homeless get their drugs via government handouts and supplemental crime, free needles and places to inject. Food stamps can purchase liquor now, which is a luxury. Our governor spends over $300 million yearly on homelessness while luring more to our state and increasing the problem. Well it is your money if you are one of the last workers paying into the failing system.

So why do Oregon voters keep voting in Democrats, the ones that keep eroding morals and work ethics? Because the voters are blinded by their politics. You can’t spoil humans and expect them to stand up for what’s right and pull their weight. Our first responders that were heroes last year are zeros now because they won’t get the jab. Crime is on the rise. If that’s your dream, well you got it. If you want to get our country and state back on the road, you best start voting conservative because liberal spending isn’t getting the job done.

Ron Goulet


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