Our nation's affordable housing crisis has grown worse with the coronavirus. Locally, our businesses suffer endlessly from gaining employees because people cannot locate housing. Our Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR) has displayed an utter disinterest in this front-burner issue, and we need another person in our fifth district to work on this important need of our people.

The severe lack of housing is causing distress for countless families and workers. People need housing to stabilize families, support those who are disabled, support working people who want to make their way in our society. We must have leadership in Congress as this issue is systemic throughout America. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a federal government entity, and the community development block grant (CDBG) program can help communities such as ours.

In Arcata, Calif., in 1992, we secured a $100,000 CDBG, which enabled our nonprofit, Arcata House, Inc. to begin operation. We need transitional housing in Lincoln County to assist young people, single-parent families, veterans, disabled persons, etc. with temporary shelter.

Our county commissioners can help us by petitioning our state to augment the 46-year-old zoning and land use regulations so that we can create tiny house development and secondary housing. These state regulations are seriously out of date. We can still protect farmland and forests, which most all of us understand is important.

The extreme higher costs of building materials has harmed our society, and we need these costs to go down to pre-virus levels so that builders can build more houses. I built houses for 30 years. We can do sustainable forestry, reducing the wildfire risk, and provide timber to be processed into lumber. Oregon is once again facing a formidable wildfire season with the drought that we are in now.

Please join with me in finding a candidate for Congress that can displace Kurt Schrader and get us the leadership that our communities deserve. David Peltier: 541-270-0514 or djcpeltier1955@gmail.com. I invite your input so that we can recover faster and get back to normal. Not easy I admit, but with your help we can move forward on the issue of housing and help our people have a better life.

David Peltier


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