The Lincoln County Democratic Party has endorsed Ballot Measure 21-203, recommending a “yes” vote on the measure, which will curtail the proliferation of short-term rental vacation homes by prohibiting new short-term rental licenses in single-family residential zones and phasing out existing licenses over five years, all in unincorporated Lincoln County.

The measure is on the ballot for the Nov. 2 election.

In addition to prohibiting new STRs and phasing out existing licenses, the measure would reduce the maximum occupancy of short-term rentals in residential zones to two persons per bedroom, excluding children under two years of age. (Current licensing is three persons per bedroom plus two persons "for the house," excluding children under two years of age.) And the measure would additionally limit STR ownership to only one STR within the residential zones R-1-A, R-1 and R-2. Measure 21-203 would apply only to unincorporated Lincoln County and would have no effect on the incorporated towns and cities within the county borders. 

The Lincoln County Democratic Party agrees with the measures’ proponents that limiting the use of housing for short-term rentals will help alleviate the county’s severe housing shortage while also serving to strengthen community ties and improve the quality of life for Lincoln County residents. 

In making the endorsement, the Lincoln County Democratic Party Central Committee issued this statement: “We support our local businesses, our working families and a sustainable tourism economy, and that's why we endorse Measure 21-203. This measure will help restore the balance between tourism and our local communities that makes our county a great place to live, work and recreate. We believe it will help working families and strengthen our community. Unregulated STRs are a big factor in making housing on the coast unaffordable and unavailable, by inflating home prices and taking homes off the market. Our hospitals, schools and other employers are losing employees because they can't find housing. Ballot Measure 21-203 is a step toward providing more housing for our working community."

Eliot Sekuler

Lincoln County Democratic Party

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