I have absolutely nothing against STRs. They serve a good purpose both for tourists, local businesses and the owners. It’s important to know, though, that Ballot Measure 21-203 by no means prohibits the existence of STRs in all of Lincoln County, only those that exist in places they don’t belong. That is in unincorporated, single-family residential areas outside of city limits.

I definitely have a problem with the encroachment of STRs in areas zoned as residential, thus ruining neighborhoods and destroying a sense of community. Neighborhood communities are precious, and so is a thriving business community. However, residential is residential, and commercial is commercial. 

Personally, I like to think what makes Lincoln County special is respecting each other’s boundaries and honoring the right to chose where you want to live. However, we the people have been poorly represented by our elected commissioner who, several years ago, permitted our present debacle to have happened in the first place by allowing STRs where they don’t belong — in areas zoned as residential.

Once again I have no problems with STRs, and in fact I would own one had I the resources to do so because I know they make lots of money. However, I would never make my money on the backs or discomfort of people who want community. I would purchase my property in areas designated for commercial activity and run my STR business there.

Please vote yes on Ballot Measure 21-203. By doing so you are by no means voting against all STRs, only ones that exist in unincorporated residential areas that were never intended to serve the STR industry. Let’s rectify the wrong by voting yes and thereby honoring all residents in Lincoln County, as well as helping our business community, schools and hospitals find long-term rentals for those professionals who wish to live here but can’t find rental housing due in part to the county’s mismanagement of long term rentals by permitting too many STRs.

Bill Kucha 

Depoe Bay

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