A few property owners don’t want a vacation rental in their neighborhood and are trying to eliminate many short-term rentals. Lincoln County has strict regulations for STRs relating to licensing, quiet hours, number of persons and vehicles allowed per property, parking, health and safety, enforcement mechanisms, and is currently considering additional regulations such as limiting densities. County regulation of STRs is welcomed, but the complete elimination of STRs goes too far. 

Approval of Measure 21-203 would create a negative impact on the county's economy, which is significantly dependent on tourism. Those pushing for the elimination of STRs don’t respect the folks who have jobs dependent upon tourism and STRs.  Visitors and guests at STRs are spending money at local restaurants, recreational businesses, shops, stores, and with local service providers. It’s estimated that 4,000 jobs (according to the Via Oregon coalition) in the county are dependent on the existence of STRs, generating $200 million in local wages. Why let a few selfish people destroy many of these jobs? If this measure passes, tourists are still going to the coast, they will just go to other coastal counties that can provide available lodging.  

Proponents claim that income generated from STRs goes to out of state owners. As a lifelong Oregonian and an owner of a family property in unincorporated Lincoln County for 55 years, that has been an STR for over 20 years, we know the truth. All revenue collected from our STR goes into paying taxes, fees, licenses, utilities and the wages of property management staff, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, landscapers, contractors, local building suppliers and local service workers. All of our revenue stays in Lincoln County. 

 We get to enjoy our STR for our personal use during portions of the year. That is our reward. Our neighbors are our friends, and if they had issues with our STR, we would know it and would address it with management.

When north Lincoln County was ravaged by fire last year, many of the STR owners offered up their properties as temporary housing, free of charge, until those impacted by fire and loss could get back on their feet. I wonder how many of those that want to eliminate STRs opened their homes to these people in need?  

Vote no on 21-203. Save local jobs and county revenue sources.

Mitchell Gensman


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