I have been distressed and amazed, as we move into the rainy, foggy time of the year, how many drivers fail use their headlights. For those who are unaware, there is actually a law that says drivers must turn on their headlights (not just parking lights) during times of “limited visibility.” (ORS 811.515, 816.040: “headlights must be displayed when the vehicle is upon a highway within this state at any time limited visibility conditions exist.”) This means rain, fog, dusk and dawn. 

I also find it helpful for lights to be on even in full sun, as there are often stretches of road shaded by our lovely forests, and it can be difficult to see cars emerging from the shadows. My personal preference would be that headlights be required all the time. But until then, please remember that having headlights on is 20 percent about seeing and 80 percent about being seen.

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