This is in response to Newport’s idea to save about 37 parallel parking spaces on Highway 101, from Newport City Hall to Pig & Pancake. This actually comes down to 11 parking spaces on the 400 block with the school district office, Arch, Kit Shop and others. The other seven sides of each block on the highway have parking lots.

Making Southwest Ninth Street a “one-way highway” would put 60 residential and business off-road parking spots in a spot where they would have to back out onto a highway (Southwest Ninth Street).

People returning from Highway 20 to 228 residences and 37 businesses south of Southwest Hurbert Street would have to take Highway 101 or Bay Boulevard — no more southbound on Southwest Ninth, but some would drive Southwest 10th. Let’s not mention the backup to use the RV dump station at Southwest Ninth and Fall Street.

If this must be done in the distant future, maybe we could cut through the National Guard parking lot and eliminate all but about six backing issues.

The city of Newport owns a 100- by 100-foot lot on the 400 block of Southwest Ninth Street (next to the school building parking structure). Maybe they could purchase the old Rae Crook Insurance building (for under $100,000) for a stairway to that lot. Handicap accessible parking spaces could be put right on the corners of the side streets.

“The Fashion 400 block,” as it used to be called, is not going to look better. Changing traffic patterns will only get you to the next stoplight, which might take three cycles before you get through. Maybe cut back the sidewalks for a little more safety. Maybe eliminate parallel parking on the west side of those four blocks.

Todd Butterfield


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