Here I sit, safe, warm, fed and scared out of my mind. I cannot watch the news anymore because my blood pressure rises, my heart aches, and I am terrified of the liberal Democrats that have taken over my country.

Mr. Biden has swung open the gates to our southern borders, letting tens of thousands of illegal aliens swarm in looking for government assistance to find housing and food stamps and health care.

These illegal aliens are not being tested for the coronavirus before dashing across the border. They are bringing in the potential to super infect law abiding United States citizens.

California is in a terminal state of destruction from outlandish programs devised by ultra liberal politicians that cannot see past their own greed and lust for power. Homelessness is now the norm all over California and all other states.

Defund the police is a top priority, and teaching our youngsters the new version of the history of the world is now a reality. White citizens are told to be ashamed of their heritage and bend a knee to all other races, pro-abortion groups and generally keep our mouths closed and be apologetic to everything American or conservative or religious. Gun rights, free speech, freedom to worship God and all our other rights as written in the documents by our founding fathers are slowly being taken away from the citizens of the U.S. of A.

I live in fear of being forced into a camp for re-education because I kneel only to my God and savior. I believe in fairness in all aspects of life, including politics. I believe it is immoral to murder an unborn child. I believe in law and order, and I support our service people. I am an old woman who has watched my beloved America slip away, and I am terrified.

My only consolation is my advancing age and my ultimate departure to meet my maker.

How is your day going today?

Elizabeth Burletson

Lincoln City

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