As I read through the opinion piece written by Carla Perry (“A no vote for both city tax proposals,” July 23 edition), I am impressed not only by her clearly well-researched information, but also by the arrogance of the city of Newport administration to spend several years ignoring an income stream while at the same time, spending time and money to create rules and mandates that support the potential stream in the first place.

I also question the rationale of a tax that will impact local restaurants that have been hit hard by the pandemic. It’s as if the city of Newport is not interested in supporting local businesses or residents, but is only focused on attracting tourist dollars at the expense of the community. The issues related to siting vacation/short-term rentals makes that sadly obvious.

Newport is a unique area for many reasons, mostly having to do with our location and small size, both of which are at risk. As I walk on nearby trails that need to be maintained, see public restrooms that are locked and trash littering neighborhoods that are now full of vacation rentals, I wonder what will happen over the next five to 10 years if this approach continues.

Barbara Turrill


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Bill Neal

For a long time the city of Newport has done nothing for long time residents but everything for tourists. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes that's all they have given back to the community. while making a fortune off the tourist industry. The few wealthy that own most of Newport control everything and will not allow a Home Depot, WinCo or a Costco in Newport because they would lose money. People who live in Newport should vote these City administrators out of office and get people who will put locals first.

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