15neighborhoods would like to give a giant thank you to everyone who voted "yes" on Ballot Measure 21-203, almost 10,000 of you. Obviously, a lot of people considered the need to restrict short-term rentals to be an issue of great importance to them.

Thank you everyone who donated time, effort and money to this ballot measure campaign. And again, thank you for voting. Lincoln County voters turned out in a very big way, with nearly 45 percent voting. That is extremely high for an off-year, non-presidential, non-gubernatorial election. 

Thank you to all of our volunteers for your letters to the editor, your radio and television interviews, the ads, billboards and flyers, for our social media presence and analysis of data. And thanks especially to the volunteers who worked so diligently collecting signatures to get this measure on the ballot in the first place. That was an extremely difficult task, perhaps even unprecedented, because the pandemic meant signatures could not be collected in the usual ways until the very end. 

Thank you to the media outlets who covered the story for our community.

Christmas came early to Lincoln County, and you voters have bestowed a tremendous gift to the residents of unincorporated Lincoln County. It seems like the spirit of togetherness won the day when more than 15 neighborhoods came together to make each of our individual voices part of a beautiful, cohesive chorus.

Thank you to Lincoln County voters for making us all believers. You passed Measure 21-203 for a more livable Lincoln County for everyone who lives here.


Monica Kirk, Chief Petitioner

Marge Farness, Co-Petitioner

Michele Riley, Co-Petitioner

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