I believe some things are just plain wrong. There is no need to debate or argue about them or to try to change people’s minds. They’re just wrong, and there is no rationale for thinking otherwise. There is nothing to be gained by presenting facts and trying to change attitudes. It just engrains beliefs deeper and deeper.

What is wrong?

Climate change. It is happening, and the Earth is changing drastically before our eyes. Drought conditions exist in the West and excessive rainfall occurs in the East. Wildfires are running rampant. Hurricanes hitting the southern U.S. coast are more intense than ever. Rivers are drying up while sea levels are rising. Storm surges are inundating coastal regions. To deny climate change is not debatable. It is just wrong.

The Big Lie. Trump lost the election, and there is no evidence there was any widespread fraud or manipulation of ballots. Karen Fann, of Arizona, can have as many audits as she wants. She hasn’t found anything in six months, or we would have heard. Governors Kemp and Abbott can manipulate state laws as much as they want to make voting more difficult. To believe Trump won and was denied the election is just wrong.

Abortion rights. The law of the land has been Roe versus Wade for decades. To deny women of Texas, or any state, the right to an abortion is denial of a fundamental freedom. Making a woman totally responsible for a pregnancy as well as the support of the baby that is born is wrong. And to tack on a cash reward for reporting the doctor or woman involved in an abortion is police state practice. To claim all rapists will be locked up so no pregnancy would occur from rape is a trip down a rabbit hole. To deny a woman control of her own body is just wrong.

Masks. To refuse to wear a mask where required by stating it is not effective, you can’t breathe with it or you are taking away parents’ freedoms in schools is not a valid argument. Gov. DeSantis of Florida is catering to a voting block that he believes will give him an edge in becoming a presidential candidate. It is just wrong.

Equitable taxes. The rich earn 21 percent of the income in our country and yet pay only 1 percent of the income taxes. Many pay no tax at all. To cater to the rich and opine they create jobs through their wealth so it eventually trickles down to workers is a misguided economic principle. Companies invest their profits in purchasing back their own stocks and paying their CEOs unbelievable salaries. Billionaires take excursions into space and thank their workers. Inequitable taxation is just wrong.

Science. We live in a scientific world and have procedures and inventions, which make our lives more productive and meaningful. Our communication systems, our medical practices, our means of transportation and our public health and safety are all a result of scientific research, procedures and practices. To deny science is just wrong.

Insurrection. To rewrite history and claim the terrorists who stormed our national Capitol on Jan. 6 were peaceful and loving is a revisionist interpretation of actual events. The mob that tried to overturn the election was violent and armed. They intended to murder some of the legislators. They violated the building and harmed numerous police officers. They were trying to overturn the valid election and undo democracy. To deny this reality is just wrong.

COVID inoculation. To cite personal freedom as the reason for not getting the shot is misguided. Personal freedom has always been of lesser importance in a democracy than protecting the social welfare of the citizenry. Who can refuse to serve in the military during time of war by citing personal freedom? Yet those who have been vaccinated are penalized because nearly half the population refuses to follow logical rules to develop herd immunity, and we’re operating much as before the vaccine was available. To state the shot injects harmful substances into your body or changes your DNA denies the efficacy of programs that eradicated small pox, diphtheria, typhoid and polio. It is just wrong.

Some things are not debatable. They’re just plain wrong.

James P. O’Brien is a resident of Yachats.

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