I consider myself a well-rounded guy, amply fit for coastal life: sports-jacket and jeans for arts events, flannel shirt and ball cap for board meetings, pj’s for Wally-world; that kind of ample. But I’ve been accused of being one who does things his way, and not an apt listener to others’ points of view. Admittedly, “I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know” has been part and parcel of the who it is I am for the bulk of my privileged life.

At the same time, I would very much like to think that I listen to most folks (I make a big show about asking their opinion); but I’ll confess to the fact that I hear it as just so much pointless drivel. (By the way, this is going to get me into some hot water with my political intimates, my immediate cadre of friends and the one I live with.)

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