I will be signing the recall petition for Mayor Dean Sawyer. The statement on the petition for his recall needs to be repeated: “Recent FAA findings that Mr. Sawyer recklessly endangered the lives of two passengers when he ran out of gas and crashed his airplane on the beach demonstrate that he lacks the moral compass to lead our city. Having failed to secure the legally required aircraft inspection for several years and allowed his medical certificate to lapse for over a decade, his behavior reflects an irresponsibility and callousness which tarnish the image of lawful respect and friendliness characteristic of Newport. His effort to minimize his behavior and deny responsibility demonstrate a cavalier indifference to the law not only inconsistent with his role as our mayor but also a callous abuse of power. His flagrant flaunting of federal safety requirements is even more egregious because he is a a former law enforcement officer ‘sworn to serve and protect’ our community. He should be removed from the office of mayor.”

Mr. Sawyer’s responses to the FAA investigator deserve repeating: Mr. Sawyer told the FAA investigator after his crash landing on the beach on June 9, 2019, “there were a bunch of stupid Samaritans at the aircraft.”

Mr. Sawyer acknowledged, “I haven’t had an annual (inspection) on the plane for about 3 years, and I don’t have a BFR (biennial flight review) and I don’t have a current medical (certificate).” Mr. Sawyer elaborated: “there are no good BFR people here in Newport so it’s too hard to get one done.” Re: the medical certificate: “has been on my list to do but I just haven’t done it.”

Mr. Sawyer claimed the airplane’s fuel system was too damaged in the wreck for the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) to make a determination of causation and offered unsuccessfully to surrender his pilot’s license to avoid the FAA enforcement action.

Mr. Sawyer can claim all his “good deeds” until the cows come home, But It Does Not Change His Breaking Of Federal FAA law while serving as mayor of Newport. Mr. Sawyer has brought a stain on the office of the mayor. He needs to resign.

Join me in putting a petition to recall him on the ballot by signing the petition available online through aquitlaw@gmail.com.

Sandy Roumagoux


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