This morning, I turned on the TV to see “Police respond to 13 shootings in 28 hours” (Monday, Oct. 11).

No, this wasn’t Chicago, Detroit or New York City. It was from Portland, Oregon. And no, it wasn’t just your suburban duck hunters that Portland legislators in Salem are so fond of making more “common sense” gun law for.

Portland is a perfect example of what happens when you fully embrace the Democrat party and the lies of the left. Many voters who tick the box for a liberal just want to feel nice about themselves, or believe they’re on the good side.

Sadly, however, this temporary emotional buzz comes with a very high cost. In fact, as Portlanders are finding out, letting Democrats run the show can literally cost you your life.

Portland used to be a safe city where families could stroll in peace; it used to be a place where businesses could open their doors and have a decent day. Now, it’s a waking nightmare.

Portland’s murder rate is at its highest in more than three decades, with 68 people killed so far in 2021, with 239 people shot.

Anti-police rhetoric, Antifa idiots and ongoing crime waves have ravaged the city. Meanwhile, drugs, homelessness and mental illness plague many of its neighborhoods.

Take a look at San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or Chicago, and you’ll see a very similar Democrat-run picture — formerly great places driven into the ground by the left’s poison ideology.

Comfy suburban voters just want to virtue signal how “woke” they are, while their downtown core has turned into a shooting gallery. There are almost constant protests and riots, massive theft, rape, carjacking and assaults. Have you seen the homeless camps? Portland is not a place for a sane person to be anymore.

What happened to Portland should be a lesson not to be repeated in the rest of the state. But oh, Gov. Kate Brown just signed Senate Bill 744, abolishing proficiency testing for high school graduation for math and reading. So instead of lifting graduation rates by boosting student performance, they can graduate without proving they can read or write.

The definition of insanity is electing Democrats over and over, thinking they will do a better job next time. It’s a long-running joke that liberals must be mentally ill to be such zealots of a poisonous ideology, but it very well may be true.

Herb Goblirsch

Otter Rock

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And what makes these things wrong is that we've embraced the policies of the left.

If we'd embraced the policies of the right, this sort of crime rate would be perfectly acceptable.

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