These are perilous times, with riots and general lawlessness everywhere.

Years ago, Portland was a beautiful city, but in 2021, that is no longer true. Why? General lawlessness combined with lack of backbone and action by political leadership. I am ashamed to say I live in Oregon.

Mr. Ted Vinson was spot on in his recent letter (“What about the rest of us?” July 7 edition). We need reform from top to bottom in this nation. Our founding documents say “we the people.” Government derives authority from we the people. If America lives on and thrives, we the people must pick up the fumble and run to score.

There is way too much “me” and far too little “we.” As Americans, we must turn from seeking pleasure to living responsibly. Let’s all roll up our sleeves and live our part.

God can heal the divides between us and the slide toward tribalism. I pray that He will. The saving power and grace provided by Jesus’ shed blood supplies the answer. I implore you to pray.

Thank you for reading this letter.

Paul Shackelford


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