These are my comments on the news article "Depoe Bay residents oppose property development" (News-Times, May 20 edition).

Since the 2.4-acre property at 941 Shell Avenue in Depoe Bay is zoned for light industry and not workforce housing, maybe the townspeople could consider asking Phil Knight if he would be willing to open up a small Nike factory at the disputed location. Considering that there is no affordable housing in town though, or anywhere else on the Oregon coast for that matter, and that according to Debbie Poland, the city is weary of losing its "wholesome reputation," maybe the city could bus the sketchy Nike cobblers in from Salem, under the cloak of night of course, so as not to upset the delicate sensibilities of the town's pot shop owners, Coast Guardsmen, tourists and retirees. 

Up and down the coast, the people who complain on and on about poor service at the pharmacy, decreased hours at the store, the lack of plumbers and roofers, and the criminal absence of caregivers willing and able to take care of Nana, are the same people who will pull any and all legal levers to prevent having to share their slice of the world with the very working people who will fix the social and economic imbalances that chronically degrade our communities.  

The small, self-important and politically over-represented NIMBY (not in my backyard) crowd is stunting our region's development and undermining its own interests in the process.  

Michael Edwards 

Lincoln City

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