As I finish packing for my move from the Newport area, I wanted to share some thoughts for all to ponder.

Our family moved here over 18 years ago with thoughts of the beauty and people of the coast in the forefront. Almost immediately upon our arrival, we saw the ugly side of the community as Mayor Jones was recalled. Several years later, our pride in the area was at its apex as Port Commissioner Barton and her team managed to steal NOAA from under Seattle’s nose. Way to go, Joanne.

Since that moment of pride, things have been steadily on the decline. When I drive through downtown Newport and see all of the abandoned buildings with signs that read “Do Not Enter, Unsafe,” it is disgusting. How may millions of dollars has the city gotten to improve the core, and this is what we have? The city has priced businesses out of town, and now there are homeless sleeping in those doorways. Well done — not!

Now to the medical situation. In my opinion, Samaritan is a joke. They conned us all into paying for their bright new toy of a hospital and sold us the “If we build it they will come” message. When I moved here, I was fortunate to join the Central Coast Internal Medicine group. What an awesome office and wonderful practitioners. Thank you to PA Stan Ferguson for many years of care. Samaritan took that group over, and the providers all left. I just learned that my doctor in Waldport has left, and one other provider there also left. Totally unacceptable! We, as a community, deserve much better.

This is a great community with wonderful people who openly volunteer their time, energy and money in many ways. I appreciate all of you for your efforts. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the city government and county commissioners are not pulling their load.

I will miss the coast and will return to visit friends and family, but I will not miss the slum Newport has become. It can be so much better.

John Ray

South Beach

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