"Nepotism: favoritism shown to a relative (as by giving an appointive job) on a basis of relationship." (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary_

Councilor Hoagland, you were quoted in the Friday, Sept. 7 edition of the News-Times as stating in a Lincoln City City Council meeting, "I'm not against spending the money, but I am concerned it could look like nepotism, and we don't want that." This statement was made regarding an emergency order request for sewer repair.

Councilor Hoagland, are you aware of any relatives of our Lincoln City Public Works Department working for K&E Excavation? If so, please publicly reveal that information. If not, please publicly retract your innuendo suggesting that nepotism might be a legitimate concern.

I also feel you owe a public apology to our public works staff for raising doubt regarding their integrity. I feel we do not need any more misinformation spread around about our governmental bodies and public employees.

Chester Noreikis

Lincoln City

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