Seven Russian thugs who attack a Black family on vacation, challenge the police department and then threaten Lincoln County are ultimately charged with .... littering? (Read Kenneth Lipp's May 18 story in the News-Times, "Charges to be dismissed in July 4 rioting case.")

Message to criminals: our area is a good place to aggressively spout pro Trump, Nazi and racist propaganda. Rep. Gomberg is accurate when he says "Our tepid and uneven response to incivility and hate crimes gives little comfort to our neighbors and visitors."

I followed this story and thought that these individuals with criminal histories and deportation orders would be an opportunity to send a message to Oregon — that Lincoln County won't tolerate hateful Nazi behavior. I was wrong.

What would have happened if the seven thugs had been Black, brown or a minority group, attacking a white family? 

Ken Sund


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The letter is spot-on. Lincoln Family Insurance where the heck is our supposedly law & order district attorney, Lanee Danforth? She made a lot of noise during her campaign about enforcing the laws, yet she's letting a bunch of racist thugs off the hook. She owes the public one big explanation.


Danforth is an embarrassment as a DA. It's just one reason why making the DA an elected office is a bad idea.

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