The citizens of Lincoln City have seen the Highway 101 traffic triple over the last 10 years, resulting in traffic backups and an increase in vehicle accidents.

The city has had two traffic studies done, with neither of them being implemented by the city council. For the past 30 years, concerns have been discussed at council meetings about the traffic on Highway 101.

It will take extensive planning by the city and state, and even when a plan is approved, it can take up to seven years to obtain funding.

In just the last five years, Lincoln City has received more than $6 million in transient room tax money for street improvements.

The Nelscott project was originally planned for four lanes plus a refuge lane. The city changed it to two lanes. The project was planned to be completed in three years but, because of the city, it took 10 years.

When Lincoln Palisades was developed (a 173-lot subdivision nearly fully developed now), the applicant was required to enter into a “cooperative improvement finance agreement” with the city, through which they were to pay an assessment for each lot developed. In 2007, the assessment for each lot was $3,340. That money was to be used for traffic improvement on north Highway 101. This assessment also applies to Lakeside Golf Club Estates, a 22-lot subdivision, and also the Village of Cascade Head.

Why haven’t highway improvements been initiated or completed? Where did the funds go?

The Lincoln City City Council and administration have completely failed the citizens over the years. It is time for change, and we need competent people to serve on the council and new administration.

Jerry Warner

Lincoln City

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