As Mayor Dean Sawyer has said, he is sorry that his passengers sere injured in that crash landing two years ago. I am sorry also, and I thank God that no one died in the crash landing.

Apparently the voters of Newport did not think having this plane accident on July 7, 2019 caused Dean Sawyer to be disqualified from being mayor of Newport because we reelected him for a second term in November 2020. But some political foes of Dean Sawyer who never wanted him to be mayor are trying to overcome the will of the people of Newport by recalling Mayor Sawyer for his involvement in this crash landing two years ago.

The Lincoln City Homepage wrote on July 21, “Rather than suffer a recall, Newport residents should be grateful Dean Sawyer and his passengers are alive and on the mend. They have settled this case and moved on with their lives, and I think it would be right if the rest of us did, too.”

Smith Trammell


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