How many more people have to be slaughtered? How many more completely innocent children have to be obliterated? What is the point? Why do we have the right to individually be in charge of that decision? Absolutely none of us should be personally in charge of that decision.

The Second Amendment was written in a vastly different era. The country had just gained independence from England and was proud of it. The right to bear arms was a right that, in those times, made sense. It these times, it makes none.

In these times, the only reason that we need to bear arms is if one wants to hunt. That’s it. As such, we should store hunting weapons with the authorities until hunting season. Then check them out. At the end of the season, check them back in.

Other than that, if people, sane or not, don’t have weapons, no one gets killed by a gun.

A recent account on NPR stated that, compared to several countries of similar socio-economic status as the U.S., we are 36 times more likely to have children massacred by gun violence.

And we so often like to hear that we are the “greatest country in the world.” Given this recent history (as in about the last 20 or so years), we are not even close. It would be a very interesting statistic to know how many children don’t attend public school based on the potential for violence. How about this? How many people choose to shop online to avoid the possibility of a big box or mall massacre?

Why do we allow this?

If we did not have easy access to guns, no one would get killed by a gun. Mentally ill people would not be making the news on a weekly basis. Politicians would not have to offer “thoughts and prayers” in front of cameras. This is not that complicated.

This is not something that can continue to be ignored. Please, don’t ignore it.

Rob Mathewson


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