I am writing regarding the May 7 New-Times article, “North Bayview Loop residents face mail delivery issue.”

I'm having trouble understanding how Bayview Loop is an unsafe road. Consider: millions were spent to correct sections of Highway 20 deemed unsafe. What was the metric used to determine safety? The high number of accidents. Having lived on Bayview Loop for 41 years, and my parents for 62, I am aware of only two incidents of "operator error." None involving a postal carrier. If Mr. Roina (Waldport postmaster) has any records of one, I would ask him to correct me.

Riddle me this: if there hasn't been a reported accident on a road for 62 years, maybe for the entire existence of the road, how can a federal agency declare it unsafe because a contracted carrier issues a complaint? The only metric that counts shows that it may be safer than many roads USPS delivers on.

The traffic is minuscule. Dahl Disposal, FedEx, and UPS all consider the road safe. And they drive vehicles much more unwieldy.

USPS claims our road is unsafe because a carrier might have to back up. I located document EL-814- Postal Employee's Guide to Safety online. Nowhere does it say a driver can't back up on the extremely rare occasions it might be required.

Which begs the question, why is the USPS so concerned about safety after 60 some years of deliveries on an accident free road?

Evidence would suggest they aren't. A friend and his neighbors in the Newport area were recently asked to consider consolidating their boxes in one location. Mr. Roina chose a different approach. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see safety is a ruse for consolidating boxes to save money.

The USPS was a rock that stood proud in our country; this is just wrong on so many levels.

Chuck Lott

Bayview Loop resident

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