In the paper’s New Year’s Eve editorial, you spoke of the divisiveness that has been evident regarding the response to the COVID virus. The wish for 2022 was for our fellow Americans to embrace the idea of “together we are stronger.”

 I am one of the many volunteers in Lincoln County who are involved with helping to get our fellow neighbors protected from severe disease or death through vaccination. It has been very rewarding to work together for this goal. I recently had an experience that warmed my heart and gave me great hope that we can mend the divisive fences and work together for common goals.

 It was a clinic at one of our local grade schools. The kids we saw were mostly 5-8 years old. Typically they were scared of getting a shot, but some adults are also nervous. One child was really struggling with his fear, and each time we would be ready to administer the shot, he would break out in tears and bolt. Another child who had already received her shot heard the cries from the observation area and came back to help. She offered a very calm, quiet support, with several coping mechanisms. He would listen closely and investigate her mechanisms, but when the shot got near his arm, he would bolt away in tears. She didn’t give up but quietly stood by and would give another suggestion, Distractions, bribes and a comparison, which he could physically feel and see and decide if he could handle it.

I was so touched. I don’t know that they even knew each other — they didn’t address each other by name. They were just two little kids coping with this pandemic and the need to be vaccinated. Together they were stronger. If our kids are doing this, we adults should be able to.

Nancy Stevens


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