Dean Sawyer’s recent effort to keep his job by saying in a viewpoint item he is “sorry” Debbie Reasoner was permanently injured when he crashed his airplane is too little, too late. It’s nice he is praying for her, but his remarks are insincere and selfish.

He claims there is a “pending lawsuit” that prevents him from saying more. But, where? Lincoln County Circuit Case No 19cv31266, Reasoner v Sawyer, was dismissed on March 13, 2020, over 18 months ago. A check of all state Circuit Court records shows no other case against him. If he wants to use litigation as an excuse, he should identify the case. He made the same claim before the Newport City Council earlier this year when the FAA report was finally released. If he is being sued, we are all entitled to more information: is he being sued personally or in his capacity as mayor? He is a public figure, and any litigation against him carries potential liability for the city.

How could a lawyer’s advice to stay silent prevent Sawyer for two years from saying he prayed for his victims’ recovery and that he was “sorry?” He managed to keep the full extent of his negligence from the voters before November’s election, and this is just his latest ploy to avoid responsibility for all the misconduct leading to his crash.

Many citizens are trying to hold him accountable by signing the petition to put his recall on the ballot this fall. Debbie Reasoner will join me in seeking additional signers at our table on Angle Street, near the Newport Farmers Market, this Saturday, Sept. 25. Copies of the form are available on our Facebook page, Committee to Recall Mayor Dean Sawyer Please help us meet our quota by Oct. 1.

Susan Elizabeth Reese Painter, Chief Petitioner

Committee to Recall Mayor Dean Sawyer

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