The owner of the short-term rental across the street was upset to find that another rental had spilled over and parked a car on her property. She asked me what she should do; talk about irony!

I read a letter in the paper recently that limiting STRs would be "elderly abuse.” Let's talk about my 95-year-old neighbor living next to a party house that allows barking dogs.

STRs are considered a blight to neighborhoods around the world. Amsterdam has taken them out of their historic district. Paris, Barcelona, Hawaii and many other places have come to realize the problems they cause.

The Lincoln County commissioners could have remained silent to hear the voice of the residents. But no, they sided with the big money investors who don't live in our country. They sided with the misleading hyperbole. They sided with the people who encouraged voter fraud.

Consequently, I question their judgment and character and will not support them for reelection. Their last minute proposed solution is laughable. The enforcement portion is a convoluted mess that would do nothing to solve the day-to-day problems.

Please, vote yes on 21-203.

Ted Brittsan

Gleneden Beach

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