Wake up Lincoln County, we are in the middle of a housing crisis, and many of you don’t know it yet — unless you know someone looking for housing, or you’ve had your surgery canceled due to lack of nurses, or like myself, had to drive to Corvallis for an exam because the hospital lost another employee.

Hospital staff are driving from the valley daily, and the first job that opens where they live, they take it. They would love to live here, but nothing is available. I’ve met people working here that are living in their cars — they simply cannot find anywhere to live.

The vacation rental industry keeps growing, particularly the unlicensed rentals. The “friends and family” scam is increasing with owners coaching their renters to say they are not paying, they are “friends and family.” This is taking away money from the county, and the sheriff cannot do anything, plus they are making the legal rentals look bad.

Please tell the county commissioners to step up with stronger enforcement and limit more rentals in neighborhoods. There will still be more than enough jobs in Lincoln County if we eliminate a few rentals, and maybe it will bring back many of the monthly rentals we have lost to vacation rentals. These are not oceanfront mansions I’m talking about. Many were small neighborhood homes. There will still be more than enough vacation rentals homes and plenty of tourists renting them.

Help us bring back our county for our residents, not for greedy, out-of-area owners who do not care.

Reba Lovelady


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