Dean Sawyer: When you obtained your pilot’s license, there were federal regulations even back then. Those are called “Code of Federal Regulations,” something you should be familiar with being a former police officer.

As a pilot, you are obligated and responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft, passengers and persons and property on the ground. Period. You personally violated CFRs in multiple sections — 91.3, 91.7, 91.13, 91.103, 91.107, 91.151 and countless other federal regulations — and got a slap on the wrist for intentional endangerment of another person and a child, not to mention those on the ground or anyone in the air close to your vicinity. If you do not know what those are, you are considerably dumber than I/we have given you credit for. Those rules are non-negotiable.

Being a pilot is a larger responsibility than apparently you can handle. The common sense and learning curve to become a pilot and maintain a license and an aircraft are far greater than what you have demonstrated. Poor judgment, carelessness and reckless behavior is what you have shown to the residents of Newport, Debbie Reasoner and the city.

No one deserves to be blown off, disrespected or otherwise ignored by your reckless behavior, nor do you get to decide who lives, dies or is injured by your reckless decisions.

Grow up and act like a man, something you certainly have not demonstrated as a human being, mayor, Newport resident and a citizen of the United States, nor do you deserve the right to be a pilot, former police officer and definitely not mayor. Take responsibility for your poor decision-making skills.

Dale Phillips

Former Newport resident now living in Missouri

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