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Good intentions, bad decision

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, although unintentionally, have managed to throw gasoline on the fires of racism currently burning across the U.S.

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I’m from here, from the Oregon coast. I haven’t always been, but I live here now. My Oregon roots go way back, arriving here in an airplane on my mom’s lap before I could walk. She and my dad were graduate students from Indiana attending the University of Oregon.

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  • Our county commissioners’ absurd exemption

    I would like to thank the citizen(s) who alerted the media about our county commissioners’ absurd exemption of persons of color from the requirement to wear masks during this pandemic. My wife and children would operate under different rules than I would.

  • Thank you to these ‘perfect strangers’

    My husband and I would like to thank the good samaritans who stopped on Nye Street to help my husband when he fell with his walker by our mailbox recently.

  • County commissioners are not the problem

    Mandatory face coverings seem to have caused quite a stir in Lincoln County recently. A flashing message board greets visitors with “Face Coverings Appreciated.” But where is the enforcement? Where there is no enforcement, there are no laws. Many of our own police officers do not wear face coverings.

  • We the people

    The U.S. Declaration of Independence begins with: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

  • Be part of the solution

    During the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, everyone please help keep our beaches safe and clean and protect one another by practicing social distancing and wearing masks in public places. COVID-19 is not over. Texas and Florida have had to revert to restricting activities again due to a surge in new COVID cases. We don’t want Oregon to be next.

  • Logic of the left cannot be understood

    Remember a few months back when there was a big push to ban single-use plastic bags in Newport? These bags were contributing to climate change and global warming, it was argued, and therefore presented an “existential threat” to the future of mankind, even the extinction of our species.

  • COVID-19 local relief efforts

    There are many needs in our community during this time, but it is hard to know how best to help. First Presbyterian Church has put together a list of organizations that are helping those in our community who are in the most need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the growing list of organizations and people to connect with to help local relief efforts.

  • Most cops are thoughtful, responsible and honorable people

    I’m a cop’s kid. I grew up around cops, Lincoln County cops in fact. I worked as an L.A.P.D. 911 dispatcher for 20 years and had the pleasure of working closely with thousands of cops, men and women from all backgrounds, and I got to know many of them personally.

  • Why are fireworks being sold?

    Oregon has canceled Fourth of July fireworks displays across the entire state. Yet we see countless places where people can buy fireworks. Why is Newport, in particular, allowing fireworks to be sold at such a critical time?

  • I give the commissioners a thumbs down

    Sometimes good intentions create bad outcomes, as recently shown with the proposed policy and reversal about minorities wearing or not wearing masks.

  • We still have a ways to go

    When I read the letter in the News-Times from Jessica Miller (“Make Newport a community that welcomes all,” June 12 edition) detailing some examples of prejudice in local racial climate, I was inspired to share my own thoughts on the issue.

  • Asking the public’s help

    We are missing a side for one of the benches on the Newport Bayfront that is being restored. Please return it to the Bayfront bench site if you see it.

  • You can’t deny that justice is unequal

    I am responding to two letters in the June 19 letters to the editor. Both have undertones of anger at, and fear of the recent Black Lives Matter movement. It is no surprise to me that there are those who feel quite threatened by this movement and either claim that all lives matter or blame it on the economy that is in ruins because of “them.”

  • Kneeling carries different meanings

    This is regarding Bill Wynveen’s letter to the editor, “Kneeling during the National Anthem” (June 19 edition).