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  • Refusing to stop the rioting

    A Boston, Mass., relative of mine recently asked me why the police in Portland, Ore., refuse to stop the rioting in the city.

  • Vote for ‘my judge,’ Amanda Benjamin

    Most people are fortunate enough to not have contact with the judges in our county, but this November we will all be voting for one of ours. Before casting your vote, I ask that you listen to those whose lives have been directly impacted by the courts.

  • Appalled at lack of broadcast coverage

    I am appalled at the total lack of critical emergency information by our local radio stations during the recent wildfire emergency in the Lincoln City/Otis area.

  • Elements String Quartet kicks off symphony season

    I am asking you to do me a favor, and you will do yourself a favor, as well as to all of Lincoln County. Go online to newportsymphony.org and sign up to attend, virtually, the Elements String Quartet, four talented — and highly-strung — ladies, all members of the Newport Symphony Orchestra at the Ocean.

  • Join me in voting for Judge Marcia Buckley

    I was stunned to read a letter published in the News-Times: The writer, who moved to Oregon from New York City, has brought with her politics of hate and divisiveness. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • Cynthia Jacobi, a proactive public servant

    As chair of the Newport Public Arts Committee, I have seen Cynthia Jacobi in action, first as a committee member and now as a Newport City Council liaison to the Public Arts Committee. Cynthia presents her ideas cogently, seeks common ground and understanding, and then, through coalition and consensus building, gets to work making things happen.

  • Trump’s response: ‘It is what it is’

    Of course, this was Trump’s response to the question of what he thinks of the 1,000 deaths per day due to the badly bungled response to the virus. It may be what it is, but it isn’t how it had to be.

  • Politics and police response

    Today, I found several negative political comments written in chalk across my driveway, probably due to the fact that we have Trump bumper stickers and a Trump sign in our window.

  • Marcia Buckley for circuit court judge

    I am endorsing Marcia Buckley for circuit court judge. In the 15-plus years that I have known Marcia, I have been impressed by her honesty, integrity and willingness to fight for what is right.

  • Vote Sandy Roumagoux for Newport mayor

    I was delighted to see that Sandy Roumagoux was willing to return to her position as mayor of Newport. She is a remarkable leader with an excellent record of guiding the city through many challenges and changes.

  • A circuit court judge with the right experience

    When an employer reviews resumes for an open position, their focus is typically on a candidate’s recent five years of experience to determine who is familiar with the job and who has the most current knowledge and skills.

  • I’m voting for America

    I'm voting for the second amendment, for the police and law and order, for the military and veterans who fought and died for this country, for the American flag, for fair trade deals that protect American workers, for American manufacturing and cherished words “made in America.”

  • A final plea — vote for democracy

    Since 2015, I have often warned about the dangers inherent in a Trump presidency. I will not repeat those arguments here today. We are past that. In this election, Democracy itself is on the ballot.

  • Yes vote urged on vaping and tobacco tax, Measure 108

    As a family physician and a parent of teenagers, I have noted with great concern the alarming growth of vaping among local youth.

  • Amanda Benjamin best choice for circuit court judge

    Since relocating here 20 years ago, I’ve looked to contribute the skills I learned running the first Special Victims Bureau in a New York City DA’s office. That’s why I became special prosecutor for sex crimes.

  • Cynthia Jacobi for city council

    Cynthia Jacobi has served two years as an appointee to the Newport City Council and is now running for a four-year elected position on the city council.

  • Vote for Marcia Buckley for circuit court judge

    I have lived in Lincoln County for the past 35 years and was employed at the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office from 1987 through 1999. I was chief deputy district attorney when Marcia Buckley was hired as a deputy district attorney in 1993, and supervised her for approximately six years.