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Spray ban overturned, but likely not dead

It has been more than two years since Lincoln County voters approved Ballot Measure 21-177, which called for a ban on the aerial spraying of pesticides anywhere in the county. It wasn’t exactly a resounding victory though — it won by only 61 votes, with 6,994 supporting the ban and 6,933 opposing it.

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Planning ahead can make all the difference

We have a lot of respect for the men and women who form the ranks of firefighters around Lincoln County. The majority of them are serving as volunteers, and they are asked to do an awful lot considering they receive little in return, other than the knowledge they are making a difference in their communities.

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  • Pondering problem on Eckman Lake

    I read your piece on Eckman Lake and thought about it for a while (“Improving Eckman Lake,” Oct. 4 edition). Twenty-eight years ago, I worked for M&E septic for a short time. At that time, M&E was the only septic company that Lincoln County would let pump septic tanks in the county.

  • What avenues remain for voices to be heard?

    In an attempt to bypass the blatant corruption in Salem, members of Lincoln County Community Rights successfully organized and convinced a majority of county residents to ban aerial herbicide spraying in the county. In overturning Measure 21-177, Judge Sheryl Bachart argues that local law is preempted by state law.

  • Local citizens have rights

    Words cannot even express the sorrow and disappointment I feel after reading “Aerial spray ban overturned” (Oct. 2 edition).

  • It takes two to tango

    Regarding Gilbert Schramm’s “Impeachment: pros and cons,” (Oct. 2 edition). House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant politician who wants liberals to vote President Trump out of office in the next election, but just as it take two to tango, it takes both houses of Congress to impeach a president.

  • Church thankful to first responders, supporters

    Members and friends of Gleneden Beach Christian Church want to publicly thank those organizations and people who responded to the arson-caused fire of the Gleneden Beach church on Sept. 15.

  • Vote yes on Ballot Measure 21-197

    I am writing to urge voters to renew the Lincoln County Library District local option tax in the upcoming election. The local option tax is a way for Oregonians to say what services they want to support in their local communities. This is not at new tax, but an effort to maintain services without increasing your taxes. Renewing the local option tax of $.09 per $1,000 of assessed value on your property could be less than you may pay for one new book.

  • Preemption law is fine for those profiting from it

    Users of pesticides and herbicides are celebrating the overturning of Measure 21-177, the Lincoln County aerial pesticide spraying ban that protected Lincoln County from toxic drift for almost two and a half years.

  • Georgia-Pacific has proven to be a good neighbor

    We have lived and worked in Toledo since 1981 and take an active interest in what goes on in our community. We have personally known many Georgia-Pacific employees in the nearly four decades we have called Toledo home. Furthermore, we can see the GP containerboard mill from our living room. The mill is part of the fabric of our community, and we consider it to be one of our neighbors.

  • Discouraged over attempts at vacation rental regulation

    I can’t help being discouraged by recent attempts to regulate short term/vacation rentals by local homeowners associations and now by the city of Yachats. A common theme is that it’s happening with no input from the communities they’re claiming to protect. Protect us from tourism?

  • Thoughts about federal judgeships

    There are 870 authorized Article III federal judgeships: nine are on the Supreme Court, 179 on the courts of appeals, 673 on district courts, nine on the court of International Trade.

  • Setting the record straight

    Steve Card, in his Oct. 4, editorial in the Newport News-Times, made several glaring and important errors.

  • An observation about smoking

    In the beginning of man’s quest to control fire (a process apparently not yet complete) he learned some beneficial aspects of the stuff.

  • The voices of the children

    It was deeply moving to see the youth of the world rise up in protest, claiming their future during the Global Student Strike for Climate Change in September. Their actions and words have made it clear to me that my generation has let them down by being politically complacent and careless in our excessive lifestyles, leaving them the calamity called the Climate Crisis.

  • ‘You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Know’

    Another lifetime ago, I lived in Ferndale, Wash., in order to commute to Vancouver, British Columbia as I pursued a specialized degree. There are both similarities and differences between the two countries and our ways of life (“eh!”): we share a lengthy common border; we share a rough, but similar, European-discovery/conquer-and-assimilate-native-peoples pattern of development; and, although there are actual provinces in Canada, for some reason the U.S. seems to be much more provincial.

  • ‘The choice is ours (but) time is running out’

    As for man being the master of the Earth, let me remind you of the truth that all of biological and social human history is only a transient expression of the Earth and its biosphere.

  • What do you see in this guy?

    Bob (Bob Folkers, “New York Times pushing racism,” Sept. 18 edition): I don’t know if Trump is a racist or not. It’s very difficult to see what’s in another person’s heart, especially a stranger’s.

  • Thank you for the wonderful article

    Thank you for the wonderful article (Pet Improvement, by Jane Laulis) in your Sept. 25 edition featuring my mother, Jackie Brooks, who was attacked by a pack of dogs last year.

  • Thank you Toledo football team and coaches

    My son is on the Alsea Middle School football team. I would just like to say thank you to the Toledo Middle School team and coaches. Your team showed unbelievable acts of kindness and amazing sportsmanship.

  • Thank you staffs of veterinary hospitals

    On May 23, our tiny dog, Keona (2-year-old, 4-pound female Pomapoo) was attacked by two cattle dogs at a farm in Siletz. Keona was on a leash being attended by her owner, Rosa Cahill, who works as a special needs support worker for one of her clients, who was taking horse-guiding lessons in the farm’s barn, which is leased to Bright Horizons, a therapeutic organization for special needs students and other riders of all ages.

  • Impeachment: pros and cons

    Democrats have finally started the impeachment process. It’s about time. Pelosi’s move was hardly a rush to judgment. Trump’s behavior made her action unavoidable. Congress has a job to do and must do it. There should be no second-guessing this — failure to act would have been dereliction of duty. Trump’s flagrant violations of law, precedent and his oath to uphold the constitution forced the issue. It wasn’t really a choice.