Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson of Lincoln City, aged 47, passed away Sunday, April 11th. He collapsed while out for a run and they were unable to revive him.

Russ is survived by two families. The family he was born to and the family he built. He was loved by those he knew and those he’d just met.

The family he was born to is an amazing group who raised him to be the beautiful person he grew into.  His mother, Cindy, stepfather Dee, his uncle, and his aunts.  His sister, cousins, and nieces who he loved without end. His father Rod with whom he used to play music.

His built family included, but was not limited to, Diana, Emily, Bob and Meg Portwood, Skeeter and Chewie.

Russ loved life. He loved to make people laugh. He loved the arts, camping, and reading, he loved arguing politics and religion, he loved the water--a towel was kept in the trunk just in case he was passing a lake and needed to jump in. He was fiercely loyal to and protective of those he loved. Russ was a true animal lover; he couldn’t pass a cat or dog without saying hello.

His passion for music led him to be self taught in music theory and to teach all ages, toddlers to septuagenarians. He played with, and wrote for, many musicians over the years, later focusing on his own music. He taught countless students, giving and building them music gear when needed to make sure they had the chance to live up to the potential he saw in them whether they could afford to buy instruments or not.

Due to current restrictions there are no services planned at this time, donations can be made to Music is Instrumental or the Lincoln County Animal Shelter

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