Laurie Fox

Laurie Fox of Florence, Oregon, died February 14, 2022, at age 71, in Newport, Oregon, from heart and several other health complications. Laurie was born in Inglewood, California, July 19, 1950, to parents Alma Clark and Norman Fox; she was raised in Westchester, CA. She joined two older sisters Nancy and Jeannie; the family was completed with birth of younger brother Jim. Laurie attended school in Westchester, CA. In 1965 Laurie, Nancy, and Jimmie flew with their parents to Frankfort, Germany where they purchased a Volkswagen bus and traveled across Europe to Greece. From there they traveled by ship to Egypt to visit her father’s brother and his wife, Uncle Paul and Aunt Gladys. Taking a German freighter through the Suez Canal they landed in Kenya, Africa where they drove to Pretoria, South Africa. The family lived in Pretoria for a year as Laurie and Jimmie went to school and their father directed an engineering project. This adventure remained a highlight of Laurie’s life.

After returning to Westchester to complete High School Laurie joined the Women’s Army Corps in 1969 becoming a WAC. She left the Army with an honorable discharge soon after marrying Terry Madison in 1970, with whom she had three sons, Brian, Christopher, and Don. Brian died of SIDS at 3 months old. The family lived in S. Carolina, Germany and Japan then moved back to the States. With divorce the boys moved to live with family. Donnie, 7, was raised by his father’s half-sister, Jean, in Nebraska. Christopher, 9, was raised by Laurie’s sister, Nancy (husband, Paul), in Ephrata, WA. In the early 80s Laurie moved to Newport, Oregon, where she began attending AA and working various jobs including as a police dispatcher, staffer in Newport Library, and later, her favorite job as a clerk in Sea Towne Books in Newport. She married Viv V. and they bought a farm in Eddyville, Oregon, by the Yaquina River where they raised ducks. Viv built a duck house with a window; Laurie nurtured the flock and encouraged the ducklings on the pond. Ducks remained a lifetime joy to her. She designed and rebuilt the kitchen; played on the river, and built a lovely garden, gardening being another passion of hers. At the end of that relationship, Laurie moved back to Newport to work and began college studies in natural medicine at Oregon Coast Community College, receiving an AA degree in General Studies. She married Willie Strong; they bought a home in Siletz where she built a rose garden. They later moved to Portland, Oregon, in order for Laurie to attend Portland Community College where she received an Associate degree in General Studies. They bought a house in Portland that she redesigned while learning to do stained glass, creating lovely pieces. She and Willie built a motorcycle tryke and spent many weekends camping with a clean and sober cycle group. In the early 2000s they moved to Florence, Oregon where in 2002 they divorced.

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