Jim Reim

James ‘Jim’ Reim passed away surrounded by family on October 18, 2021 after suffering complications from a stroke.

Jim was one of six children born to a Lutheran pastor and his wife in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 24, 1945. He graduated high school in Mankato, Minnesota in 1963 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in forestry from the University of Minnesota in 1970. While in college, Jim worked as a policeman in Minneapolis. Jim married his beloved wife of 46 years, Dorris ‘Dory’ Dreyer, in 1965. In the early seventies, Jim, Dory and their young family of four children moved to Morocco with the Peace Corps and enjoyed many adventures. After the Peace Corps, the family moved back to the States, where Jim and Dory had another son and Jim took a position with the United States Forest Service in Clarkia, Idaho. Over the years, the family moved frequently with the USFS until Jim retired in 2006. By then, Jim and Dory had settled in Waldport, Oregon. Always a man who cared for his community, in retirement, Jim spent a great deal of time devoting himself to issues affecting youth, including with the Lincoln County Dispute Resolution and the Partnership Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse programs. Much of Jim’s volunteer work was focused in the Siletz and Eddyville communities.

Jim was a craftsman and an outdoorsman. Nothing made him happier than building a boat, especially when he was building that boat with a family member. Jim often could be seen rowing his wooden boat, the Lazy Duck, on the Alsea River while trolling for salmon or just sailing the bay. Jim was also an enthusiastic fly fisherman, bird hunter, crabber and dog-walking beach comber.

Jim was a generous, thoughtful and patient man who will be missed greatly by his friends and family. His loved ones take great solace, however, in knowing that Jim lived a good and full life. In addition to his loving wife, Dory, Jim is survived by his daughters, Jennie Clinton (Ron), Amy Reim and Kate Reim; his sons, Paul Reim (Yarrow) and Ben Reim (Nancy); and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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