James Daum

James Alan Daum passed away at the age of 65 on August 30, 2021 at his home in Newport, Oregon. He has left his physical body behind, but his spirit lives on.

Jim was born in Crescent City, CA on May 17, 1956 to Joan Fishe and Robert Daum. He grew up in California and later moved to Washington and Oregon.

Jim worked as a sailer in the Merchant Marine and loved the ocean. His father was in the Coast Guard, and his stepfather, Jack, was a captain in the Merchant Marine. He shared his love of the ocean with his daughters, who also both sailed briefly.

Jim also worked as a plumber and a mail courier, but his passion was as a handyman. He repaired computers, phones, electronics, cars, and more. He enjoyed helping his daughters and neighbors and his closest friends describe him as a good man and a gentleman. He was a simple man, rarely asked for help from others and had a great sense of humor. He maintained a self-sufficient lifestyle by making natural remedies, fixing his own cars, and was extremely resourceful. He enjoyed road trips on the coast, outings to the casino, thrift store shopping, watching comedy shows and listening to classic rock. As a young man he enjoyed drawing, playing the guitar, and writing poetry.

Jim is survived by his daughters Jackie Daum, Jessica Long and her husband, Erick Long. He is also survived by his grandchildren, Maddox and Eliza Long, his sister, Ann Daum, step-mother, Kathryn Daum, and half brothers, William, Paul, Michael, and Carl Daum. His final wishes were to be cremated and returned to the sea.

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