Edward Thomas Ronan

“Death and Love are the two wings that bear the good man to Heaven.” – Michelangelo

Once there was a man named Edward Thomas Ronan, born in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in the projects, known as Sin City, where he learned how to talk his way out of trouble. Ed joined the Army at the age of 18 and was honored to serve in the Special Forces Green Beret unit. After his discharge he found his way to the foothills of Northern CA where he met his true love of 40 years, A.T. They shared a vision and realized it in 1990 when they moved to their ocean view home in Newport, OR.

In Lincoln County, Ed was well known and respected as “The House Doctor”, the name of his contractor and home inspection business. He was self-reliant, innovative and generous and he never turned his back on a job or a friend. Ed had a quiet strength; he always wore his values up front. He was patriotic and believed in America’s freedom.

Edward T. was not just a good man among men he was a giant--anyone who knew him will remember him because of his welcoming, friendly manner. Ed cajoled friends with his quick wit to teach a lesson or make a point. This man lit the sky with his deep blue penetrating eyes, eyes that no person could lie to or stand up against.

Ed was on a continuous journey learning about and questioning life. He was made of many colorful layers--each one richer than the first. He had a honed sense of humor and could tell a good joke. To share a laugh with Ed was pure joy. Ed was also a poet, a raconteur, and he inspired others with his reassuring insights.

From parachuting to creative writing, from playing chess, to painting, there wasn’t anything Ed couldn’t do. He was a golfer, Dale Carnegie graduate, law student, certified diver, a volunteer for Lincoln County Search and Rescue and for numerous local events. Ed was an aficionado of all music but especially Bach. He was a baseball player, and he loved to dance. He agreed with Leonardo de Vinci that “the smallest feline is a masterpiece”. Most of all Ed was a philosopher—his favorite saying was: “Don’t worry about it.”

Never was there or ever will be again a man like Edward T. Ronan: now at peace in the protective arms of Jesus. Ed’s spirit has left his body but his essence will live on forever.

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