Charles Patrick Hill

Charles Patrick Hill was born on September 23, 1949, in Clovis, New Mexico to Helen and Barney Hill. He grew up in the South Bend/Federal Way/Redondo areas of Washington visiting the southwest yearly to see his grandparents.

Chuck, also known as Pat and several other amusing aliases, graduated from South Bend High School in 1967 and attended Washington State University focusing on the Arts.

Chuck was always artistic, philanthropic and community minded. He spent much of his time and most of his money assisting others.

He began working at a young age on his father’s fishing boat in Washington and later at a sawmill in Albany OR. Always a diligent and conscientious worker Chuck gathered experience working at restaurants which led to him becoming co-owner of a cafe with his friend and business partner, David Robinson. In 1979 they bought and operated The Ranch Cafe in the community of Burnt Woods/Blodget. Dave was always looking for new ventures, so they sold the café and since Chuck was drawn to Waldport, OR they moved and Waldport Video was born. Shortly after opening Chuck hired Jeannette Bond to help at the store, a relationship that lasted more than 35 years. They immediately became family with Chuck coming over nightly for movies and family time. He turned into a member of the family and shared in the love and caring of children and grandchildren, affectionately being call Umpa.

Chuck closed Waldport Video on January 1, 2020, and later that year moved to Bend, OR where he intended to retire and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Unfortunately his body had other ideas.

Chuck was born an Artist, picking up new techniques along the way. He loved to crochet, bead, knit and paint. He had a quirky sense of expression that many appreciated. He enjoyed painting over the last 20+ years and had yearly Art Shows at Canyon Way Restaurant and Bookstore in Newport. They were great celebrations with local musicians donating their time and friends and family gathering to share their fondness for him. Most shows sold out and since he loved animals the profits were donated to Animals in Crisis. He was also an aficionado of plants and birds often being able to identify and share tidbits of information about them.

Chucks greatest masterpieces were the relationships he created and nurtured. In the 33 years that Waldport Video was open Chuck had the privilege to be part of a community that he loved and that loved him back. He helped whenever he could, in any way he could. He listened and loved in all that he did.

He obtained a ministry on the internet and was honored to have married quite a few of his close friends and family. Always writing a special a ceremony for each and adding his sweet and humorous touches to those cherished celebrations.

Chuck/Pat died at home in Bend, OR on August 16, 2021 with his longtime companions Jeannette Bond and Kate Miller.

He was preceded in death by his mother, father and sister Helen Mae Davis and is survived by his brother Mike Hill (Judy), his sisters Aliene Andrews, and Elizabeth Ostrander (Steve). He is also survived by his Waldport family; children Stacey Bond Mealer (George James), Kelley Bond Deckard (Casey) and Russell Bond II (Jamie), grandchildren Kaiden Deckard, Lindsey Mealer, Makennah Deckard, Toby Mealer, Peyton Bond and Russell Bond III, and of course by all of those friends that held him so dearly.

Every day that Chuck was on this earth was a Celebration of Life….May he Rest as he lived, in Peace.

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