Lincoln City Police arrested 46-year-old Todd W. Ramsey, of Siletz, last week on multiple warrants and other charges after he attempted to elude officers in a vehicle and then on foot.

On Sept. 28, at around 8 p.m., a Lincoln City Police officer conducted a traffic stop on a Toyota Previa van for a traffic violation. The van initially pulled off Highway 101 onto Northwest 13th Street and stopped, but when the officer approached the van and made contact with the driver, who was later identified as Ramsey, he could not produce a driver’s license.

The officer asked Ramsey to pull down a mask he was wearing so he could be identified, and when he did, the officer recognized him from previous contacts. The officer returned to his patrol vehicle to check Ramsey’s driver’s license status and warrants, while also waiting for backup. As he did, Ramsey accelerated and fled westbound onto 13th Street.

Ramsey soon turned north on Northwest Harbor, running through intersections and past several stop signs without stopping. As Ramsey tried to maneuver the speeding van around a corner, however, he lost control and hit the sidewalk curbing multiple times. Hitting the curb damaged the van’s tires on the passenger side, which deflated. After traveling another block, the van slowed to a stop and Ramsey jumped from the driver’s door, fleeing on foot northbound behind The Coho Inn.  

Additional police officers arrived on scene, and the three passengers who were in the van at the time of the incident were briefly detained, but were later released after being checked by medical personnel for complaints of unspecified minor pain. Officers began searching for Ramsey, and the dispatch center started receiving calls from people informing officers that Ramsey was over the embankment behind The Coho Inn.

Officers requested the assistance of a K-9 unit to apprehend Ramsey, and LCPD Officer Molly Sears with K-9 Nato responded, along with Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Derick Smith with K-9 Nix.

Ramsey was quickly located on the embankment where he was hiding, and after refusing to obey the commands to give up and come out, he was bitten by K-9 Nix. Ramsey then gave up and was taken into custody. 

Ramsey was transported to the hospital for medical treatment from injuries he sustained when he apparently fell down the embankment as he was trying to flee, and for the K-9 bite.

During the incident, it was learned that Ramsey had several active warrants issued for his arrest including two felony Yamhill County warrants for failing to appear in court, as well as burglary and possession of controlled substance charges, a felony Lincoln County warrant for failing to appear on an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge, and one misdemeanor Benton County warrant for failure to appear on a DUII charge. 

After receiving medical treatment and being released from the hospital, Ramsey was transported to the Lincoln County Jail, where he was lodged on the above listed charges as well as new charges of felony attempt to elude in a vehicle, misdemeanor attempt to elude on foot, reckless driving, three counts of reckless endangering, third degree assault and felony fail to perform duties of a driver. The vehicle was towed from the location.

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