NEWPORT — A man with more than 45 previous arrests in two states dotting his criminal history appeared Tuesday, April 27, in Lincoln County Circuit Court for arraignment on multiple felony drug charges, a day after his arrest following a traffic stop northeast of Toledo.

At about 10:20 p.m. Monday, near milepost 7 on Highway 20, a Toledo police officer stopped the driver of a 1998 Mercedes sedan traveling west, after the sedan was reportedly clocked traveling 62 mph in a 55 mph zone, and the driver failed to use a turn signal while merging lanes. The driver was identified 54-year-old Carl Richard Hugg.

During the traffic stop, law enforcement learned through dispatch that Hugg’s driver’s license is suspended, there was an active warrant for his arrest in Hood River County for failure to appear, and he has a substantial criminal past.

A search of Hugg and the vehicle, bearing Washington state plates and registered in a different name, yielded more than an ounce of methamphetamine, according to the Toledo police report.

On Tuesday, Lincoln County prosecutors arraigned Hugg on four criminal charges, including unlawful delivery of methamphetamine, unlawful manufacture of meth, unlawful possession of meth and failure to carry or present a driver’s license.

Hugg, who remained in the Lincoln County Jail in Newport on $500,000 bond, is scheduled to next in appear at 4:30 p.m. May 4 in court for a probable cause preliminary hearing. His court-appointed defense attorney, Mitchel Martin, on Tuesday requested a bail-reduction hearing for his client.

The country’s formal recommendation that Hugg not be released from custody prior to conclusion of his case notes that Hugg’s criminal history includes 47 arrests in two states, that he’s wanted in Hood River County for failure to appear in court earlier this year on meth and DUII charges. The report also notes the county could not verify the Glendale, Wash. address Hugg submitted as his current residence.

In the probable cause affidavit, the Toledo officer reports that after telling the then-unidentified driver the reason for the traffic stop and requesting his license, registration and insurance information, Hugg volunteered his name and date of birth, but couldn’t provide insurance information.

The report identifies a 44-year-old female passenger with a Washington state address who was in the passenger’s seat of the vehicle Hugg was driving. Law enforcement released her at the scene without a citation.

Dispatch then reported Hugg’s outstanding warrant to the officer and advised of the man’s criminal history.

“Dispatch continued, stating Mr. Hugg was a corrections offender on post-prison supervision for dangerous drugs for delivery of meth,” the probable cause affidavit reads. “Dispatch reported Mr. Hugg was a potential armed career criminal.”

After a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived on scene to provide backup to the officer, Hugg was arrested and handcuffed. A search of Hugg yielded “more than user quantity” of suspected methamphetamine in Hugg’s left-font jacket pocket. The search of Hugg also reportedly recovered multiple rolls of cash, wrapped in a rubber bands, and noted to be more and $300 in the information containing Hugg’s criminal charges.

Also in the affidavit, additional meth and associated paraphernalia was located underneath the passenger’s seat during a search of the Mercedes, and a consented search of Hugg’s phone revealed Facebook messages that appeared to come from someone asking Hugg to sell them meth.

Hugg reportedly admitted on scene that all the meth found in the vehicle was his. During an interview with law enforcement at the Lincoln County Jail following his arrest, Hugg reportedly said that he had an 1 1/8 ounces of meth in his possession at the time of his arrest, that he regularly sells the drug to about six people, that he snorts and smokes an “eight ball” of meth a day, and uses his phone to sell drugs.

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