The Toledo City Council is holding a public town hall this weekend to share its recent activities with city residents, from its latest capital outlay projects to the inner workings of its new urban renewal district.

The town hall is scheduled for 5-7 p.m. this Saturday in the Toledo High School cafeteria. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to check the city of Toledo’s official Facebook page in case the event is rescheduled.

A variety of topics will be covered:

• The city’s new Urban Renewal District, which was fully approved last in August, will be discusses. A presentation by city staff will focus on how such a district functions, for example, explaining how it does not create new taxes and instead redirects existing taxes to the new fund over the course of several years.

• SREUS Utility Systems International wishes to bring a biowaste recycling system to Toledo within the next two to three years. The system would take toxic materials like sewage and recycle them into energy and clean water. The council received a presentation from SREUS in August and is looking into state or federal funding to bring such a facility to Toledo, as well as potentially hosting a production site for the company.

• The Toledo Planning Commission has been working on several changes to the city’s housing ordinances that are set to go before the council later this month. The council will talk more on the nature of the changes at Saturday’s town hall.

• The council has been encouraging residents to take a more active role in emergency preparedness, primarily asking residents to look into preemptive ways they can help protect their properties from a potential wildfire. Other elements of emergency preparedness, including the planned Cascadia Rising event set for next year, may also be discussed.

• The council approved several capital outlay projects in this year’s budget, some of which it plans to discuss during Saturday’s town hall. Several of those projects are related to street work and utility services within the city.

• Art Toledo has been working over the last year on several projects to help liven up the streets of Toledo and improve Main Street to facilitate business. A major art project the council has previously discussed is the creation of several murals on blank walls throughout the city.

No signup is required for the town hall, and while the council will focus primarily on its presentations, questions will be allowed if time permits.

Attendees are asked to follow the appropriate COVID-19 precautions if they choose to attend.

For more information, check the Toledo’s official Facebook page at

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