A Toledo man is in jail after allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl he lived with while renting a room in her family’s home.

Larry Hendrix, 21, was arrested on Jan. 1 after a 14-year-old girl and her mother came to the Toledo Police Department on Dec. 15 to report he had sexually assaulted the girl on Dec. 13 as she pretended to be asleep.

According to a police affidavit filed Jan. 3, Hendrix and his girlfriend had been renting a room in the family’s home for the past eight months, during which time the girl said he had given her alcohol and vaping materials on multiple occasions.

The girl and her mother said that during the night of Dec. 13, Hendrix touched the girl inappropriately and was later confronted by the mother. During that confrontation, the mother said Hendrix did not deny any of her accusations and proceeded to pack his belongings, move out of the home and block both the mother and girl’s phone numbers, according to the affidavit.

During an interview with police, Hendrix reportedly stated he had given the girl a shoulder massage and a hug earlier in the night, but also claimed he was a deep sleeper and remembered nothing else from that night other than that he had gotten up to use the bathroom several times.

The girl was interviewed by the Child Advocacy Center on Dec. 29, during which she recounted the events of Dec. 13 and once again said Hendrix had touched her inappropriately as she pretended to be asleep until she said “no” to him, at which point he left the room.

On Jan. 1, during an interview with Hendrix’s girlfriend, she told officers she remembered Hendrix getting up three times that night, once for approximately 10 minutes and twice for about five minutes, with one of those incidents being around the same time the girl was allegedly assaulted. She added that Hendrix had told her that if something had happened, it was likely because he had been sleepwalking and must have mistaken the girl for his girlfriend, according to the affidavit.

Police officers once again contacted Hendrix that night, Jan. 1, to interview him, but Hendrix said he no longer wished to speak with them without a lawyer present. Hendrix was taken into custody shortly afterward, according to the affidavit. 

Hendrix was lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for second-and third-degree sexual abuse and furnishing alcohol to a minor. He was arraigned Monday and released after paying $8,000 and on the condition he not contact the victim or posses alcohol or other controlled substances.

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Frank Sterle Jr.

If physically survived, emotional and/or psychological trauma from unhindered toxic abuse, sexual or otherwise, typically results in a helpless child's brain improperly developing. If allowed to continue for a prolonged period, it can act as a starting point into a life in which the brain uncontrollably releases potentially damaging levels of inflammation-promoting stress hormones and chemicals, even in non-stressful daily routines. I consider it a form of non-physical-impact brain damage.

The lasting emotional and/or psychological pain from such trauma is very formidable yet invisibly confined to inside one's head. It is solitarily suffered, unlike an openly visible physical disability or condition, which tends to elicit sympathy/empathy from others. It can make every day a mental ordeal, unless the turmoil is treated with some form of medicating, either prescribed or illicit.

But due to the Only If It’s In My Own Back Yard mindset, the prevailing collective attitude, however implicit or subconscious, basically follows: ‘Why should I care — my kids are alright?’ or ‘What is in it for me, the taxpayer, if I support programs for other people’s troubled families?’ While some may justify it as a normal thus moral human evolutionary function, the self-serving OIIIMOBY can debilitate social progress, even when social progress is most needed; and it seems that distinct form of societal penny wisdom but pound foolishness is a very unfortunate human characteristic that’s likely with us to stay.

The health of all children — and not just what other parents’ children might or will cost us as future criminals or costly cases of government care, etcetera — needs to be of real importance to us all, regardless of how well our own developing children are doing. A mentally sound future should be every child’s fundamental right — along with air, water, food and shelter — especially considering the very troubled world into which they never asked to enter. Mindlessly minding our own business on such matters has long proven humanly devastating.

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