Port of Alsea

Port of Alsea users soak up the sun earlier this week at the newly completed marina and boat launch. Port manager Roxie Cuellar says production delays will keep the ADA-compliant kayak launch from being completed this summer. (Photo by Michael Heinbach)

WALDPORT — Though the new boat launch and marina that opened earlier this month at the Port of Alsea have already drawn rave reviews, Port Manager Roxie Cuellar says that due to circumstances beyond the port’s control, the final piece of the project won’t be completed this summer.

The port’s board of commissioners approved a plan for installation of an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant kayak launch as part of the marina-boat launch construction project with the help of an Oregon State Marine Board grant. The grant agreement the port entered into with the marine board required completion of the ADA kayak launch by June 30.

Unfortunately, port users will have to wait a little bit longer for installation of the kayak launch.

“When we first put in the request with (Astoria-based contractor) Bergerson Construction at the beginning of May, they told us production would take about four to five weeks, and would have worked out just fine with our timeline,” Cuellar told the News-Times. However, once the order was placed, Cuellar was informed by the subcontractor that due to a rise in cost of materials, the price would increase by 10 percent.

After Cuellar approved the added cost, she was first told production would be extended to 6 to 7 weeks, then was later told production would take even longer.

“Then we found out that production time for the kayak launch is expected to take about five months,” she said. “Now we figure it will be completed by the end of October or early November.”

Cuellar added that although the project won’t be completed by the June 30 date the parties agreed upon, the marine board has been working with the port to keep that grant money available.

“It sounds like we’re going to be OK as long as our subcontractor puts down a 50 percent down payment,” she said. “We’ll get billed for that, and I will pay that this month. We’ll spend the money by June 30, but I made a request with the marine board to allow us an extension on performance of the grant until Dec. 1.”

The standard boat launch and marina opened to the public the first weekend of May, and Cuellar said she’s received glowing reviews from port customers.

“The reception so far has been very favorable,” Cuellar said. “It looks like people are really liking our new boat launch and new marina.”

For more information about the Port of Alsea, visit portofalsea.com, call the port at 541-563-3872 or go to its Facebook page.

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