An unoccupied truck belonging to Isaiah Eggert, 39, of Toledo, who was reported missing on Friday, Oct. 22, was found partially fallen down an embankment near Toledo Sunday afternoon.

At around 3:40 p.m. on Sunday, Eggert’s vehicle, a Chevy S10 pickup, was found near milepost three on 1000 Line Road, roughly 50 feet down a 300-foot embankment. Personnel from the Toledo Fire Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the site of the wreck Sunday and were able to pull the vehicle up the bank, but Eggert has yet to be located despite ongoing search efforts.

The truck’s door was open and the vehicle was empty, with what may have been a trail reportedly leading into the nearby woods. Searchers said they found debris and some of Eggert’s belongings, including his backpack, at the bottom of the ravine.

Due to stormy weather and muddy terrain over the last few days, a Monday morning search was called off, but the search was scheduled to resume Tuesday morning and expected to continue until dark.

According to Eggert’s wife, Jessica Eggert, he was last seen wearing shorts and a hoodie and likely did not have adequate footwear to attempt to hike back to the road from where his vehicle was found.

Anyone with information about Eggert’s whereabouts can contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 541-265-4277.

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