The Newport Police Department received a report that a man had stolen a vehicle from a Newport gas station around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. Police quickly located the stolen vehicle, and the man was arrested.

The vehicle was reported stolen from the Shell Station parking lot at 22 N Coast Highway in Newport, after which a description of the vehicle and driver were given, and officers began to check the area. 

A few minutes later, an officer spotted the vehicle traveling on Northeast 12th Street, heading toward Highway 101. Additional officers got behind the vehicle and activated their overhead lights and sirens, but the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed north on Highway 101 as officers pursued. 

The vehicle was traveling at about 90 mph and was not staying within its lane. The police officers terminated the pursuit but were able to identify the suspect as Leonid Samoylich, based on the description and previous contacts with the suspect.  

Officers radioed for assistance from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the Lincoln City Police Department. A sheriff’s deputy soon spotted Samoylich driving the stolen vehicle near Wells Street and Highway 101 in Lincoln Beach. The deputy followed Samoylich to a nearby address, and when the deputy attempted to contact Samoylich, he ran from the stolen vehicle and hid in a nearby structure. Officers on scene then searched and located Samoylich, detaining him without incident. Samoylich reportedly denied stealing the vehicle and driving it.   

Samoylich was arrested for eluding a police officer, reckless driving, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and first-degree theft. He was lodged in the Lincoln County Jail on $180,000 bail.

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