A 14-foot-tall propeller sits on the north side of Bay Boulevard in front of the Pacific Maritime Heritage Center in Newport. On loan from the Port of Newport, the 7 ton, solid steel wheel once drove the C.W. Pasley, a concrete cargo vessel built by the U.S. government under an emergency program near the end of World War II. The entire deck and hull of the 336-foot-long vessel was made of concrete-reinforced steel, and its gross weight was 9,600,000 pounds. The Yaquina Bay Dock and Dredge Co. took possession of the Pasley in 1948, along with two more identical concrete vessels, for construction of a dock at McLean’s Point on Yaquina Bay. The Pasley and another vessel were sunk to serve as wharves at what is now the International Terminal. The third concrete ship broke free of its moorings, left the bay and went aground crossing the bar, sinking near the north jetty. When the terminal was renovated in 2010, the Pasley was refloated and dismantled, but much of the other sunken ship, the Francois Hennebique, remains under the terminal. (Photo by Kenneth Lipp)

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