(Online: https://www.co.lincoln.or.us/boc/page/nonprofit-social-service-agency-allocations)

(4.15.2021– Lincoln County)

Lincoln County has announced the continuation of its competitive allocation program to help fund private nonprofit social service agencies within the county for the fiscal year 2021-2022.

An agency qualifies to make an application if it is a 501(c)(3) private, nonprofit social agency providing direct services to either the general population of Lincoln County or targeted segments of that population within the county. Allocations can be made for ongoing operational expenses, equipment purchases, capital improvements and associated expenses, service improvements or expansions or any combination of the above. Allocations will be awarded by the county commissioners based on the recommendations of a review committee appointed by the board.

Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, May 28. Applications are to be submitted online via the Lincoln County Grant Portal at https://lincoln.eformsolutions.com/landing/sign-in

The review committee may request additional information from applicants and may, at its discretion, schedule informal meetings with applicants to clarify information. The committee will recommend funding allocations to the county commissioners. The criteria the review committee and board will generally use to review the applications include:

• Provider of direct social services to citizens within Lincoln County;

• Historical support by Lincoln County of agency’s operations and activities;

• Record of service in the county;

• Demonstrated sound financial and administrative capabilities;

• Unavailability of services through other sources;

• Avoidance of duplication of services from either governmental or other nonprofit agencies;

• Experience in coordinating services with other agencies across spectrum of social services provided in the county;

• Accessibility of programs and facilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act;

• The organization affirms the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in its operations as articulated in Board of Commissioners Resolution #19-11-9A.

Further information on the allocation program may be obtained by contacting Kristi Peter via email at kpeter@co.lincoln.or.us

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