LINCOLN CITY — Councilor Diana Hinton has resigned from her position as Ward 1 representative on the Lincoln City City Council after five years in the position. The announcement came at the end of the council’s regular meeting on April 12.

“Serving Lincoln City and my community has been a great pleasure and honor,” Hinton said while reading her resignation letter during the meeting. “I will miss all that entails.”

Hinton was first elected to the council in 2016 and re-elected for a second term in 2020. Before that, Hinton was on the Lincoln City Planning Commission and served on the Roads End Improvement Association and Roads End Water District Board of Directors.

Hinton also participated in the Echo Mountain Fire Federal Emergency Management Agency’s work group and the governor’s regional task group for the fire since last year.

In Hinton’s letter, she said she and her husband decided to move out of the Lincoln City area to be closer to family, meaning she would no longer be able to serve on the council.

“The decision has been hard to make,” Hinton said. “After a year of COVID, which was quickly followed by the Echo Mountain fire, the importance of proximity to our family became even more evident. Our sons and their families have encouraged us to move closer to them so we can spend more time together.”

Hinton went on to praise the city’s staff and services and encouraged residents to get involved with local government through the city’s various committees.

Hinton’s announcement was met with heartfelt goodbyes from her fellow council members and the reading of a poem written by Council President Judy Casper in honor of Hinton.

Councilor Riley Hoagland told News-Times staff that he and Hinton started serving the city on the planning commission at the same time, around seven years ago.

“It was really great to work with Diana for the last seven years,” Hoagland said. “We were both appointed to the planning commission around the same time and have worked together since. It’s been wonderful to work with her, and I learned so much. I’m grateful for the time we worked together.”

Casper said the council has not yet discussed a replacement, but may consider waiting until after the upcoming mayoral election to take any action.

A public comment from Lincoln City mayoral candidate and Ward 1 resident Susan Wahlke submitted during the council’s April 26 meeting, asked the council to wait until after the May 18 election to consider an appointment, stating such a decision should not be made without a sitting mayor.

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