Workers demolish the old Lincoln City Police Department building to make way for a secure vehicle parking area that will service the new building nearby. (Courtesy photo)

LINCOLN CITY — After nearly 40 years of service, the Lincoln City Police Department said goodbye to its old building this week as it was demolished to make way for a secure parking area that will serves its new building on the same lot.

The old station was left vacant following the completion of the district’s new building last year, which has housed the LCPD staff at the same location on SE Devil’s Lake Road since November 2020. The new building cost roughly $8 million and features all the modern amenities that the old building could not provide due to its age.

According to LCPD Lt. Jeffery Winn, the old building was built in 1981, and plans to replace it began not long after he started in 1991. 

“That building had served more than its lifetime that it was intended to serve,” Winn said. “We were fairly cramped in there, and it had gone through a number of renovations throughout the years. The roof also leaked continually, and it really just wasn’t suitable to use as a police department building.”

Winn said the new building is bigger with more storage, can better utilize modern police equipment because of updated technology infrastructure and is more ADA compliant. The old building was held up on stilts and pilings and wasn’t up to modern earthquake safety standards. The new building also features a new radio tower that helps accommodate a new dispatch center that services both LCPD and North Lincoln Fire & Rescue.

The demolition of the old building was scheduled to be finished by today (Wednesday), though debris will likely need to be hauled away for up to a week. Some elements of the old building, such as the concrete in the holding cells and foundation, will be recycled for the parking lot construction.

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